Effectiveness of Forgiveness Training and Post Divorce Adjustment of Womejn


1 Associate Professor, Counseling Dept.. Abwaz ShahidChamran Univer

2 M.A. in Family Counsehr

3 Associate Professor. Counseling Dept., Ahwaz Shah


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of forgiveness training on post-divorce adjustment in divorced women. Participants were 30 available divorced women who agreed to take part in the study. They were randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. The study was of pre­test/post-test design with control-group type. The main hypothesis of the study was forgiveness training will enhance post-divorce adjustment in divorced women. Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale was used in order to collect the data. ANOV A and MANOV A were administered to analyze the data. The results confirmed all research hypotheses and showed that forgiveness training enhanced feelings of self-worth (p<0/001, F=l8/48 . disentanglement from love relationship (p<0/03, F=4/71), social trust (p<0/001, F=21/38), and social self-worth (p<0/001, F=l9/27) and decreased feelings of anger (p<0/01, F=7/05) and symptoms of grief (p<0/001. F=30/73) in divorced women.